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How to Build Up a Creative Side Hustle as a Designer using Marketplaces

How to Build Up a Creative Side Hustle as a Designer using Marketplaces

The active development of the online world contributes to the rising number of online marketplaces related to creative graphic design. Not only do these marketplaces satisfy the needs of an ordinary customer, but they can also act as an additional income stream for graphic designers and not only, about which we will talk a bit later.  

MasterBundles is one of these design marketplaces, creating opportunities for people from different fields and with different skills so that they can make a profit. Let’s take a closer look at what the marketplace is, what it offers, and its advantages. 

What is a graphic design marketplace and its advantages?

If we talk about a graphic design marketplace and to be exact: MasterBundles, it's a platform where you can find various design products. The platform is interested in both sides of a deal, people who are interested in purchasing profitable products, and people who are looking for opportunities to earn additional income by providing their products or services. 

The marketplace works as a type of middleman, you as the designer of a product come to MasterBundles, upload your products, and then the marketplace takes over the process and sells this product. 

For every sold product you get 50% of the revenue, which might seem like a bad deal but think about how many more customers you are getting by working with this popular marketplace rather than just selling on your own. That is just one of the advantages when in reality there is much more power you gain by just losing 50%. 


Some additional advantages of working with MasterBundles:

  • Ready-made solution. No need to design your own interface, as you work with the intuitive marketplace software.
  • Setting prices. When it comes to setting the prices of your products, you decided how much you want to get for your designs.
  • Educational materials. Receive tips and tricks in the form of promotions, get-sent emails, blog selections, and material guidance.
  • Customer support. A 24/7 available team that provides support, answers to questions, and tips. 
  • Payment withdrawal. Receive payouts hassle-free, with the option to choose a process that's most convenient to you.


How to be on top of the vendor rating board

Not to get you worried, MasterBundles won't leave you hanging. To help you upload a worthy product with a worthy SEO description, MasterBundles has created a form that allows you to quickly sell your graphic design. The form has placeholders that are going to assist you when uploading products, and previews, leaving product descriptions, and selecting tags, basically it has everything that you won't want to miss out on. 

An exciting feature of MasterBundles is that it encourages designers to become better using its vendor rating board. This is a board calculated by an extremely complex formula, that gives an extremely correct result, the result is meant to display the top 100 vendors with the coolest products in the industry. 

Looking at the reviews online you can tell that MasterBundles has an exclusive approach to its vendors, here is what one review said: 

“Honestly, after reviewing many marketplaces, I found that MasterBundles is always at the back of my mind. As I decided to start selling my fonts, I'm still in a search for one or two marketplaces that I want to work with. Every time I come across a new one, I always try to compare their policies with MasterBundles, and I don't think I have found a better marketplace yet. For building an additional income I’ll choose MasterBundles, as it provides the needed tools and opportunities to grow as a vendor.”


Key tips for selling creative designs online

Now that we have established what MasterBundles is and the ways it helps us upload products, it is important that you understand that no matter how much the marketplace will help you with product promotion, the product itself needs to be worthy. Here are 5 short tips to remember when creating a worthy design:

  1. Unique selling point. Always have a clear idea of what you are trying to communicate and emphasize your design on that, whether a picture, font, color, design, name, or element. 
  2. Balance. Every element on a design has weight, meaning you can’t crowd all your heavy elements in one area, without the right balance, it will feel as if your eyes are sliding to one part of the page. 
  3. Contrast. A design that sticks in one's mind is one that “pops”, and to make a pop effect you need contrast between spaces and elements. 
  4. Repetition. The secret to a unified and strengthy design is repetition because if you have a bunch of elements all in different styles, the design will have an unprofessional look to it.
  5. White space. It's the empty or negative space around a design, it isn't there for nothing, it creates hierarchy and organization, a type of room to breathe. 


Additional income opportunities with the affiliate program

MasterBundles offers other possibilities to make money even if you can't create products. You also can generate an additional income as you become MasterBundles affiliate. As an affiliate you get an individual parameter to add to your links, then you can share this link with your audience. For every referral purchase that gets made through your link, you get a 15% revenue. Basically the more clicks and purchases, the higher your earnings. 


As a creative individual, making sure you receive a good compensation for your creative work is extremely important. Building additional income stream by doing the things you love most is the best option not only for experienced designers, but also the ones who are only starting out.

When choosing a marketplace to work with, consider MasterBundles. It’s constantly growing and working on providing the best experience for designers and giving them opportunity to build passive income stream. If you want to make an additional $500-1000 every month, join as a vendor now. And if you dont have the design skills, but still interested in creative projects and have a community of like minded people, join as an affiliate to receive commisions. 

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