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Avoid These Social Media Mistakes if You Want to Grow Your Business

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes if You Want to Grow Your Business

Do you spend time on social media only to see your efforts going unrewarded? If so, avoid these mistakes to ensure your social media marketing isn’t wasted.

There are many companies who are using social media to connect and interact with clients, and ultimately drive sales. However, just because your company uses social media, doesn’t mean that it is successful in doing so. Many businesses are having a lot of issues growing their followers and engagement.

It is easy to fall into a routine of posting on the same pages, using the same strategies and then get stuck there. It takes creativity and innovation to change things up. Even if you are already a “big name” on social media sites, it doesn’t mean that you can keep doing the same thing every time. You have to make sure you are being innovative, creative and staying ahead of the curve.

If you’re having issues with growth on social media sites, you may want to look into some of these common mistakes that you are probably committing.

1. You don't use multiple channels

Multiple Social Media Platforms

The best social media marketing strategy is to utilize all of the available channels, especially since you can re-purpose your content across more platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok etc. they all can help you create a complete marketing framework. 

All you have to do is to create content that you can share on multiple social media platforms. Once you have decided which social media sites you want to post your content on, you need to start creating a post. It can be an Instagram post, Pinterest pin or a Tiktok Video.

Regardless of where you start, what you need to do next is recreate it so it matches other platforms as well. For example, you can create a Instagram Post that you can then resize into a Pinterest Pin and perhaps even create a short video for TikTok, which then you can share back on Instagram as a Reel. This way, you are more likely to increase your engagement and leads all with the same content.

You should also ensure that you are sharing engaging content that includes a catchy title, a hook, a call-to-action and of course, value to your viewers.

2. You don’t use the right tools.

digital tools

Social media has become an essential part of business. But many businesses still don't utilize all the tools available to them.

One of the best ways to make your content effective is to use social media templates. You now can get ready-made templates that help you create posts or stories with just a few clicks.

You don't need to waste time trying to create content from scratch, when you can have access to already made designs. There are plenty of templates online that you can use or you can simply browse through our social media templates packs, and pick one that fits your brand.

Besides these resources that help you create your posts, stories and ads faster, you can also use other tools to help you automate the posting process. Here are some apps and platforms that can help you automate your social media posting:

Social media automation may sound scary, but it really isn’t. Most of these tools are made by reputable companies that specialize in this type of software. In fact, a recent survey by LinkedIn showed that the majority of social media managers who are in charge of the marketing strategy, actually prefer to use automation tools instead of creating content manually.

3. You’re not connecting with your audience.

audience online

The more connected you are with your audience, the better. People are more likely to buy from you when they feel as though they have a personal relationship with you and that they know your company.

That means social media plays a key role in building your brand and ensuring your target market feels comfortable with your organization. And it’s something that’s easier said than done.

You see, there are plenty of companies with amazing products and services, but those are drowned out by the noise from the thousands of businesses fighting for attention on social media platforms.

It’s easy to get lost in that noise and miss out on opportunities. And that’s the last thing you want when your business is trying to build relationships and develop loyal customers. So, if you have a Facebook or Instagram page but never interact with your followers, they won’t be impressed. Make sure that you respond to comments, ask questions and interact with your followers.

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the technicalities of how you use certain tools. When it comes to social media, it’s always important to pay attention to your audience. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do they want to read about?
  • What videos do they like watching?
  • What problem do they have? Do you have a solution you can provide?
  • How can you provide them with valuable information?
  • What other pages do they follow?
  • How do they communicate?
  • On what platforms/groups do they spend more time on?

Once you have a clear idea of what your audience is and how you can reach them, you can then start creating your first post.

4. You don’t have calls to action on social media

call to action

You might be doing everything right on your social media pages, yet you’re not seeing growth. Your posts are being liked and shared, but you aren’t receiving any kind of traffic back to your site.

You may be frustrated, but you shouldn’t be surprised. You don’t have calls to action on your social media pages, you have conversations instead.

When someone likes or shares your page, you need to make sure they do one of two things:

  • If they’re a customer, give them something to do. Make your call to action clear, obvious, and in a place that doesn’t conflict with their current interest in your content.
  • If they’re not a customer, they still need to know what you want them to do next. Give them a clear call to action.

In short, you should be able to answer this question: “What do you want them to do next?''

People who engage with social media tend to respond better to posts that contain calls to action. CTA’s are one of the most basic and effective ways to increase the quality and quantity of traffic your social media channels generate.

 5. You are not consistent with your posts

be consistent

We’ve seen it all. One of the biggest challenges for any business on social media is being consistent with their posts and message.

If you’re not consistent with your posts, users won’t trust you as an authority. Your business will suffer as a result.

One of the reasons for your inconsistent social media posts is that you don't spend enough time creating high-quality content. You should be producing consistently relevant content that will attract your customers.

There's no better way to ensure that your social media presence is strong than to put in the time to create quality content on a regular basis.

Your customers can easily find out if you're a credible source by checking out your social media presence. If they notice that you are consistently posting about topics related to their interests, they will want to follow you. If you don't have a seamless brand image across your social media platforms, users will believe that your business is not professional and will lose interest in your services.

This gets us back to our previous point about social media tools and especially the social media templates that can make your content production and social media branding easier.

In conclusion, the only way to avoid these mistakes is to not make them in the first place. You can never be too cautious when it comes to social media, and it’s important to create engaging content that is unique to your brand and your industry, something that people will actually want to share and that they’ll find useful.

You also need to be strategic about where and when you post, and the types of posts that you create. By following these tips and strategies, you can build a solid foundation for your business that will provide for years to come.

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