Who we are

My name is Anca and together with my husband Adrian, we co-founded DigiPax which is a creative digital marketing agency. Over the years we both have specialized in digital marketing and graphic design all while helping other brands create a social media brand identity and increase their sales. Using our experience we wish to help entrepreneurs, content creators and shop owners, grow their businesses with the help of social media.

In this digital world, social media is a key factor when it comes to sales. We all know that sales are the most important thing to a business and especially organic sales. From our experience, creating enough engaging content can be expensive, difficult and it leaves you with less time to focus on your business development.

With this in mind, we decided to find a new way of helping entrepreneurs create beautiful content, without having to pay enormous fees and waste time on hiring and consultation. With all the design and marketing experience combined, we managed to create high-value template packs that empower entrepreneurs with the right resources.

  • Our Mission

    Our goal is to help and empower entrepreneurs with ready-made templates that give them control over their content. Using our premium packs anyone can create engaging visual content and scroll-stopping ads with just a few clicks!

  • Our Vision

    We wish to provide high-value products that include everything needed to grow your social media. Our packs not only provide a great value but they also have a low price compared to what a design agency would charge you.

  • Our Focus

    We focus on creating complete bundles with templates for each social media platform. Moreover, we constantly create new products with different design styles and for specific industries. We want you to find the perfect pack and easily adapt it to your business needs.

Our Partners