Skinny Tumbler Canva Mockup Templates Bundle

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📣 Take your digital selling game to the next level with our game-changing Skinny Tumbler Mockup Templates Bundle! Showcase your designs with ease, create stunning mockups, and skyrocket your sales on all major marketplaces.

The Skinny Tumbler Mockup Templates Bundle is your ultimate solution for attracting customers and sealing the deal. With our versatile mockup templates specifically designed for individual tumblers, you'll have over 50 pages of diverse mockups in two sizes at your fingertips. And as a special bonus, we're including 10 Social Media Post Templates to supercharge your design promotions and maximize your reach.

Say goodbye to wasted time, wasted money, and the headaches of starting from scratch

🚀 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your digital business. Grab our Skinny Tumbler Mockup Templates Bundle today and witness your sales soar to new heights!

What's included?

50+ Mockups for your digital product listings sized at 3000x2000px (rectangle) and 2000x2000px (square), that include the following:

- Individual Skinny Tumbler Frame Mockups
- Main Cover Images
- Multiple Background Options
- Product Display Variations
- Versatile Design Options
- Different Tabletop Settings
- Interior and Exterior Backdrops
- High-Quality Resolution
- Support Pages

What's the bonus?

We've included a BONUS of 10 Social Media Post Templates sized at 1080x1080px that you can use to advertise your digital products on social media.

What's editable?

The best part is that everything is editable!
You can edit the:
- Font
- Text
- Colors
- Shapes
- Background
- Duplicate or remove elements
- Change the transparency settings
- Change position of the elements

Instant Download

As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll receive a PDF document containing a shareable link, granting you immediate access to your templates through your Canva account – it's that simple!

How it works?

Instant Download

After you purchase the pack, you will receive a PDF file with direct links that you can use to access the templates from your free Canva account.


Edit the templates, add your logo, photos, change the text and colors to better match your brand image. No graphic design skills needed!

Save, List & Share

Save the mockups and use them to list your digital products. Now advertise them on social media and start selling!

Upgrade Your Tumbler Product Showcase

Effortlessly Craft Stunning Tumbler Images

Say goodbye to the tedious task of creating tumbler listing images from scratch. Our comprehensive bundle empowers you to easily design eye-catching mockups for your digital products. Included are numerous cover mockups, interior/exterior backdrops, tabletop backgrounds, and support pages, providing you with the essential mockups to showcase your tumbler designs from various angles and perspectives.

Your Online Success Starts Here.
Enhance Your Tumbler Listings.
Your Sales, Our Stunning Mockups.
Effortlessly Create Engaging Product Images.
Your Online Success Starts Here.
Enhance Your Tumbler Listings.
Your Sales, Our Stunning Mockups.
Effortlessly Create Engaging Product Images.
Your Online Success Starts Here.
Enhance Your Tumbler Listings.
Your Sales, Our Stunning Mockups.
Effortlessly Create Engaging Product Images.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to common queries. Can't find what you're looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help.

How can I access the templates?

Upon purchase, you will receive a downloadable PDF document containing a shared link. You can use this link to access the templates through your free Canva account.

What is CANVA?

Canva is a versatile graphic design platform that empowers you to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. You can access it easily at www.canva.com or download the mobile app.

Can I utilize these mockups on different digital marketplaces?

Absolutely! Our square listing mockups are perfect for platforms like Etsy, while the rectangle listing mockups are ideal for use on other marketplaces, including Creative Market, Design Bundles, and more. Enjoy the flexibility to enhance your product listings across a variety of digital marketplaces with our versatile mockups.

Are images included with the templates?

No, images are not included due to copyright considerations. You can either upload your own photos or select from the free images Canva provides.

Do you offer a Commercial license?

No, we do not currently provide commercial licenses for our products. The templates are intended for use with one (1) personal or business account. Any attempts to resell, share, redistribute, or give them away for free, including modifications for such purposes, are strictly prohibited. The end product provided to your customers must be a static file and not a Canva template.

Do I need to have a Pro Canva account to use the templates?

No, you can utilize the templates with a free Canva account; a pro subscription is not necessary. Our templates are designed and tailored for easy customization within a free Canva account.

Can I edit the templates using the Canva app on my phone?

Yes, you can edit the templates using the Canva mobile app. However, to get started, you'll need to open them from your computer first. Clicking the link in the PDF will automatically create a copy of the templates in your Canva account. This initial step must be done from a computer, after which you can use them seamlessly on your mobile phone.

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